Thursday, January 03, 2008


In case no one knew it is really incredibly cold here in Chicago today. When I woke up the TV said it was 1 outside. That just shouldn’t happen. Unfortunately, I wore my one pair of pants that are not jeans to work yesterday. I also wore my new boots (and could walk in them unlike the other time I tried to wear them in the slush and gave up two feet from my door) and broke them in significantly but not enough for two days in a row. Therefore, I was all about tights and sneakers this morning. I’ve worn tights and sneakers all winter for the last many years, it isn’t a big deal and I knew I would be fine. However, something was different this morning. By the time I got to the train station the place between my knees and my sneakers just didn’t feel right. They came back to normal but it was a little dodgy there for a second.

Not to worry though, I have a solution…legwarmers. Now I wouldn’t typically be a legwarmer wearing in public type of person but it’s freaking cold. I also wouldn’t typically own legwarmers but apparently Tony’s mother figured that since I asked for a bunch of tights for Christmas that they would be a good idea. I laughed a lot when I saw them but have been sporting them around the house under my target pants for extra warmth for some time. Apparently they will make an outside debut.

So last night I watched Conan because I was curious to see what a show without writers would be like. It was pretty bad. However, I really like Conan’s new beard that he grew for solidarity with the writers. I do not like Letterman’s new beard, he looks like a creepy Santa. I realize that many people do not agree with my like of the beard but I think it makes him look less like that little girl from Mary Poppins and more like a regular dude. Plus when he was walking around his office playing the guitar is was way cooler than it would have been if he had not had a flaming red beard.

In additional TV news I still heart Project Runway and really want Christian to die. As I am discussing the show with Monica, however, I realize that everyone is kind of boring. They kept telling me that this season is full of the strongest talent but I don’t believe them. I heart last season. I extra heart season two but just because of Santino. Couldn’t they have brought Santino back instead of Chris? I also am embarrassed to say I watched the Supermodel show that came on I am also ashamed to say that I could possibly become a voter. Crap.

1. Every second/ of every minute of the day/ I let my fancy play

2. OOOHH Baby/ Cry Baby/ Cry Baby/ Welcome back home

3. Get down get down little Henry Lee/ And stay all night with me/ You won’t find a girl/ In this damn world/ That will compare with me. Henry Lee, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds w/ PJ Harvey. Identified by Jason.

4. I can’t get no/ Satisfaction/ I can’t get no/ Satisfaction. Satisfaction, The Rolling Stones (althouhg I wish it had been Devo) Identified by Jason.

5. Stand/ Under/ Fountain/ Cool skin/ Wash clean. Wash him/ From me


Anonymous said...

Ah man! They totally should have given Santino another go. He was awesome! The bastard.

CS said...

Why don't I know what Project Runway is? Although now that I've tyoped that I'm guessing it has to do with fashion, so that would explain why I don't know.

1 degree. Gad. I thought life sucked this afternoon at 34 degrees.

Jason said...

#3 is "Henry Lee" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds avec Polly Harvey, and #4 is DEVO's version of "Satisfaction"?

Michael C said...

Yeah Dave doesn't look right, but they were right when they showed Conan with the Santa Claus...

notfearingchange said...

I hate the cold....i just wear jeans and tights and then change to slacks and heels at work...forget looking fashionable to walk to work.

Natalie said...

Auld Hat- I know! It would have made this season 200% more awesome.

CS- It is the best reality show of all!!!! Fashion designers have to make all kinds of awesome stuff. This week they had to make clothes out of material from the Hershey store.

Jason- I so wish it had been Devo but it was just the Stones.

Michael C- I didn't hink he looked like the elf, I thought he looked like a cool dude.

Notfearing- I am going to suck it up and put on legwarmers next time it is cold but it is going to be nice and warm this weekend and early next week 40s!

Monica said...

god i hate christian. i want to give him a decent haircut and slap him. my top 3, even though they are mad boring: rami, jillian, kevin. i wish they could have a PR all-stars show with santino, andrae, nick, kara saun, jay, austin, kevin, and i dunno who else.

Natalie said...

Monica- An all stars show would be absolutely the best. To be fair they would have to take 2-4th place from each season and then have fans vote in the next three for the full 15. Wait...that is brilliant. I believe this would be the cast.
Kara Saun, Wendy Pepper, Austin, Santina, Daniel V, Kara, Uli, Laura, Michael, whoever is 2-4 from this season and the fans would pick Andre, Keith, and Nick Who would watch that? I would

Monica said...

i'm all over it. anything to get santino back in there making clothes for me to look at

Natalie said...

obviously i meant santino and not santina but whatever. it would be so great

Chatty Knitter said...

This is the first season I've ever watched Project Runway, and I have to agree with you - Christian needs to go. Like now.

I'm sad I don't know this Santino you both speak of constantly.