Friday, January 25, 2008


It’s time. The weekend where the US Figure Skating nationals will be aired has finally arrived. This is going to be a very interesting competition. Last night I watched the Ladies event (although it may as well be renamed girls) on and realized that we very well may be in sorry shape internationally this year. While many of the results surprised me, the judges must have seen some things I didn’t in a few of the skaters, one thing I predicted was true. The best hopes we have for high placements internationally won’t get the opportunity to compete. The reason being they are simply too young.

Skaters are allowed to compete at Worlds and The Olympics if they are over 16 at a particular date. The girl in first place is 14 and the one in third is 15. Neither will be eligible for World competition. Although Caroline Zhang (also 14) currently sits in 7th for some odd reason she will likely move up in the long program. The person in fifth is not only unknown but didn’t have any of the really hard jumps in her short program which worries me. It looks like there is no way for our best skaters to make the World Team. The Pairs team that is currently leading is also ineligible because the girl in that team is also 15. At least we’ll have a great chance I the 2010 Olympics, provided all these kids don’t hurt themselves.

Anyway, I’m incredibly excited to see what happens this weekend. In case you are interested, and who wouldn’t be, Coverage is on NBC 4-6pm and 8-11pm on Saturday (I believe pairs, dance, and men’s) and 7-9pm on Sunday (I believe ladies). The men’s event should be very promising and I am hoping to see Rohene Ward who Skated at the same rink as me and has one of my old coaches on the TV. Plus he’s a skater of color that isn’t Asian, something incredib;y rare at the top levels. I hope they put him on. If not, though I’ll be seeing it on icenetwork. Best $30 I ever spent.

1. When the Witch Doctor Life/ throws his silent bones/ some are crowned kings/ while others lose their thrones

2. It was a clear black night/ a clear white moon/ Warren g was on the streets trying to consume

3. Riding round town with all the windows down/ Eight track playing all your favorite sounds Summer, War. Identified by Johnny Yen

4. Goodnight/ Goodnight/ Sweet baby/ The world has more for you/ Than it seems

5. All my friends are embryonic/ All my friends are dead and gone/ All my friends are microscopic/ All my friends wake up alone. Gutless, Hole. Identified by Jason


Mom said...

If they don't show Rohene's programs, I'll have to buy icenetwork too!

Which of your old coaches does Rohene work with?

Local sports radio has done a pretty good job of talking about figure skating this week. But they don't seem to realize that there's a new judging system in place (for several years now, really). They keep talking about "artistic impression" -- it's kind of weird. I think if the figure skating powers-that-be did a better job of publicizing the merits of the new system, a lot more people would be interested in watching.

Natalie said...

maybe I'll let you use mine :). he works with Paige. I only had her as a coach for a few months but I did. Artistic Impression is pretty funny. I haven't heard that in a long time.

Johnny Yen said...

#3 is "Summer," by War, one of my favorite summer songs.

Another favorite summer song is Sly and the Family Stone's "Hot Fun In the Summertime."

Jason said...

Is #5 Gutless by Hole?