Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Today is a blah day. I felt all types of nasty this morning and blame most of it on the nice weather. I was happily enjoying the fun outside and then got all kinds of sniffles and allergic feelings. It was awful. This morning I woke up and my head was so full of pressure and non breathing that I decided I couldn’t move and needed a combination of medicine and sleep. It isn’t as if I didn’t get a normal amount of sleep I was just messed up. I called work and told them I would be in by noon at the latest. If I hadn’t had five appointments scheduled for the afternoon I would be at home still. I still feel crappy.

I realized that the ice rink is still open across the street. I really should go skating sometime this week. It is really nice outside to be able to skate outdoors. I think it would be fun. I wonder if anyone else would want to come? I wonder how crowded the rink is after working hours on a Friday. I bet it will suck. Maybe not though, maybe no one will think of skating. It might be raining by Friday, maybe even snowing. I think my plan might suck. I should have gone yesterday.

Speaking of Ice Skating, I can’t wait to see Blades of Glory. It looks like the funniest movie about figure skating ever. Usually I hate movies about figure skating because they have all types of unrealistic premises. The Cutting Edge- Hockey Player becomes Olympic caliber figure skater in one season. Ice Princess- Physics student who can barely skate applies science to skating and is suddenly unbeatable (the top people apply science all the time and it helps but not that much). Ice Castles- Skater is foolish enough to skate on a rink full of chairs and crap. You get the picture. Blades of Glory also wouldn’t happen because I do believe pairs skating has been defined as being between a man and a woman (but maybe I am wrong) and I don’t think the ISU would go for two guys skating together, particularly ones that used a loophole to embarrass the sport. Regardless, the utter silliness of the premise makes it seem enjoyable to me, those other movies aren’t supposed to be slapstick comedy. I fully plan to see it as soon as possible. Sisterhead saw it last night and said she had a huge smile on her face the whole time and her cheeks hurt afterward. Sounds like my kind of film. I also think the characters are ideal stereotypes of American male skaters, the frufru sequined guy and the macho tough guy (which is an oxymoron in and of itself). I can’t wait.

I want to crawl under my desk and die. I should go home. My appointments are done as my last one called to say she too was feeling crappy. I wish I had the luxury of being at home like her. Instead I am sitting here in a very hot office with a runny nose and a headache. At least I can breathe.

Zak and Sara, Ben Folds- Can Rockin’ The Suburbs be any better? The answer is no, not for what it is supposed to be. Are there better albums? Of course. However, this one is pretty darn great. I think Ben Folds going solo was a great idea.

Dance Me To The End of Love, Leonard Cohen- I love this song. It is something that I would expect to show up on some sick and twisted episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Some obviously evil but slightly comical vampire would be dancing around with some droopy bloodless body and just singing away. I think it would be fantastic.

In The Way, Ani DiFranco- Evolve is another one of those albums that I think is simply prefect for what it is. I think it has such a swinging jazzy style that is really different from many of Ani’s other albums. I could see both Ani fans and people typically interested in other genres meeting up at this album and all nodding their heads in approval. I really like this song too.


Always on the Move said...

Oh Natalie...I had that awful feeling (well the cold) last week and it sucked and then I had an awful headache yesterday and also wanted to die. NO fun! I hope that by tomorrow, you'll be feeling so much better and that your man Tony will be taking great care of you and will comfort you and treat you like a Princess like he always does! :oD!!!
I had mentioned your name in my blog about this movie, because when I had seen the previews, I had though of you and had known right away that you'd probably want to see it. That is before I had known that you hate most figure skating movies. Glad to hear though that you want to see this one!!! Wanna go with each other??? LOL!
Get Better Kay!!!!

should-be-working said...

Thera Flu. That stuff is the shit. I sooo wanna see Blades of Glory too. I agree, though, there is nothing worse than being too sick to enjoy wonderful weather. Get better girl!! :)

Lizza said...

That sure sounds like a good movie.

Get better first and then go ice skating. Drink lots of fluids, eat lots of fruit, get lots of rest. I sound like a mom, don't I? Oh, wait. I AM a mom. :-)

Natalie said...

Kim- I am all good today, just the smallest hint of a sniffle. I love to watch Ice Skating movies so I can rip them apart and talk about all the flaws. People hate to watch them with me.

Should be- Thra flu really does work but it is so nasty that i can't drink it.

Lizza- Thanks mom. I should get some fruit.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

When that movie Cutting Edge came out, I loved it, then again I was barely into my teen years and didn't know what the heck a good movie was. He became and Olympic gold medallist in two years? Come on!

Brooke said...

Oh man, Friend, do I love Evolve. That album got me through the Ed haze. Actually, the first time I heard that song Icarus, it hit me like a brick and I knew I had to break up with him.

Natalie said...

With Love- Yeah, he also started figure skating because he lost his peripheral vision. Not something needed for side by side jumps and spins or anything.

Brooke- At least you had good music to get you through that time.