Monday, March 26, 2007


Manic Monday for today is Spring. After a wonderful weekend of watching coverage of the 2007 Figure Skating World Championships the only thing I can think of when it comes to spring are the jumps of Mao Asada. Be damned 78degree weather. Your spring is nothing like that of this young lady from Japan!

When I was skating I had some height to my jumps but nothing even thinking about coming close to the spring in this girls step. The way she vaults of her toe pick for flips, toe-loops, and lutzes is outstanding. She also gets amazing spring from her knee-bend on edge jumps suck as the loop and the axel (although I am pretty sure she didn’t do a salchow). Sure, she wasn’t perfect but at 16 who is? It was too bad she missed her combination in the short program because it cost her the title. Then again, she is 16 so she’ll have plenty of chances to be on top.

Speaking of the Worlds, remember how I said that US Figure Skating was on its way out? Well at the 2007 Championships the US took home only one medal, the bronze in Ice Dance. Since when did Ice Dance become the strongest event for US Skating? Super strange. I was also right that Japan is becoming a serious force to be reckoned with in singles skating. Pairs and Dance, not so much. Props to the brother from Germany who took home a bronze medal in Pairs. I always love to see black folks skating. It’s rare and exciting.

I leave you with the wonderful Spring of Mao. Enjoy.

Oh, and the unguessed songs from last week are

1. It’s raining/ It’s raining/ There’s nothing you can do/ It doesn’t only rain on you/ But you’re acting all upset/ like you’re the only one that’s wet. It's Raining, by Quasi

2. On the corner/ We talk away/ Everybody's older these days/ I'll just hit the reset button on this game. Glass Conversation, by The Pony's


Comedy + said...

Wow, she's great. Thanks for a wonderful experience.

Robinson K. said...

I enjoy figure skating as well. I do think we need to step up our game here in the US, or winning the gold will be a long shot, from here on out.

Jamie said...

Wonderful variation on the theme. It is a shame that Americans seem to have lost interest in the sport, but I suppose these things go in cycles.

Back about 25 years ago we lived close to the Santa Monica rick where Tai and Randy practised. It was always a treat to watch skaters in training.

Imma ( Alice) said...

A great take on spring. Very well written, Natalie.

Danielle said...

You have been awarded the thinking blogger award by yours truly.
Enjoy your newest accolade, my new found friend.

Morgen said...

I do miss seeing figure skating. Thanks for sharing the video.
Oh, and I like Short Hair Natalie!!!
Very nice!
More pictures, please!

Danielle said...

"They were good when I would get sent to the bathroom for punishment since I had too much fun in my own room." Man I peed my pants when I read your comment on Johnny Yen's blog.
Peed my pants.

Changing now....

Travis said...

Wow - she was really good. Just that little two foot landing. Amazing that she had the strength and endurance to hit those three back to back to back jumps near the end of the program.

Her choreography was good too - although I think her spirals can use some work.

Great post!

Sanni said...

I enjoy figure skating, too. So I enjoyed your MM-post plus - thanks a lot!

Michael C said...

That really takes one heck of a lot of athletic talent to pull that off!

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Wow. If I was 12 pounds and 2 feet tall, I could do that too! (joke, joke)

Blog Antagonist said...

You were a figure skater?? I always dreamed of being one. But, what kid that grew up in Wisconsin didn't? I've been running boys to baseball so I haven't had much time to catch anything on tv. I enjoyed watching that.

Natalie said...

Comedy+- When she came on the scene last year I was awestruck. She has only gotten better.

Robinson- I think US skaters have been so used to being on top that they didn't realize they have to keep getting better. The two top Jr. women from the US are awesome though.

Jamie- There haven't been too many scandals in skating lately so maybe we need one. It would have been great to see Tai and Randy.

Imma- Thanks, it's easy to write about things you love.

Danielle- Thanks it's going up later today! Oh, don't pee in your pants. It's gross.

Morgen- Thanks! My computer seems fixed so mayb I'll get a chance to take some more.

Travis- You are so right about the spirals. Wow, someone knows what they are talking about. Very impressive.

Sanni- Quite welcome. I don't know what I'll do now that the skating season is over :(

Michael- She is amazing. The number of combinations she did was insane. I was lucky to pull off one and my programs were half that long.

with Love- Yeah she is quite tiny. I always wanted to be a slighter skater but muscles helped too!

BA- I skated for about 13 years and could do the doubles but never any tripples (and only one double axel). I have never loved physical activiy so much. I grew up in MN so skating was pretty common.