Monday, March 05, 2007


The Manic Monday theme for this week is Blow. I’ll admit that I had a hard time thinking of a post for this one. Last week it was Yellow. That was easy. One thing popped into my mind and I was ready to go. Unfortunately, it was none too simple for this one. Blow conjures up so much in my mind that all the thoughts were just blowing around in my brain and I was unable to catch any of them. There was Johnny Depp in the movie Blow, there was the ever present Donovan blowing in the wind, there were all sorts of dirty things that just don’t belong on this, relatively modest blog. I was afraid that my post would blow.

I thought about blowing off the entire project. Then again I realized that I never challenged myself with my writings. Sometimes certain events or topics that have recently blown my mind end up in my ramblings but I never give myself writing exercises or anything like that. I have never taken a writing class so I have never really been told to write about something and try to come up with something good. Essays don’t count. I thought this was something challenging and exciting for me, it is.

While I don’t think this post will have readers blowing up my comments section, I feel a strong sense of accomplishment in actually finishing a semi-coherent post about the word blow. Thanks Mo for giving me the chance to experiment with my writing in a way that I never would have. It keeps me working hard. Not that I am trying to blow smoke up your ass or anything. But thanks.

CSL tagged me with an iPod Meme. How could I possibly resist this? I am going to try and review the 25 most played songs in the darn contraption. Since I listen to things on shuffle a lot, I wonder how this will pan out. Hum, not too interesting. It was basically two entire albums, "Lets Get Out of This Country" by Camera Obscura and "The Sunlandic Twins" by Of Montreal. There were a few Belle and Sebastian songs thrown in there. I have been listening to those albums quite a bit lately. I have to think of some other way to handle this Meme. I’ll go to my recently played and pick songs that weren’t on a full album that I listened to. I also included my favorite line from the song to make things more fun.

1. Tim I Wish You Were Born a Girl, Of Montreal, Cherry Peel- “I’m not saying you can’t be all these things for me but it’s just not the same cause you’re a man, and so am I”

2. 2HB, Venus in Furs, Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack- “Take two people romancing, smokey night club situation, your cigarette traces a ladder”

3. Omega Supreme, Danger Mouse and Jemini, 26inch EP- "Sometimes I get sperm in my eye cause I be on my own dick”

5. High and Dry, Radiohead, The Bends- “All your insides fall to pieces, you just sit there wishing you could still make love”

6. Heaven On Their Minds, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jesus Christ Superstar- “Please remember that I want us to live, but it’s sad to see our chances weakening with every hour”

7. My Wandering Days are Over, Belle and Sebastian, Tigermilk- “A spooky witch in a sexy dress has been bugging me”

8. No Rain- Blind Melon, I have no idea what album- “Ya know I'd like to keep my cheeks dry today. So stay with me and I'll have it made”

9. Enjoy The Silence, Depeche Mode, Violator- “Words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm”

10. Feel Good Inc, Gorillaz, Demon Days- “A melancholy town where we never smile.”

11. She Loves You No Less, My Bloody Valentine, Ecstasy and Wine- “She loves you no less but do you really care”

12. Dumb, Nirvana, In Utero- “We’ll float around, hang out on clouds. Then we’ll come down and have a hangover”

13. Oslo In The Summertime, Of Montreal, The Sunlandic Twins(this was on the list a few times...)- “I practice my Norwegian on poor befuddled waitresses who shake their heads completely at a loss”

14. Mother, Pink Floyd, The Wall- “Mommas gonna make all of your nightmares come true”

15. Pets, Porno for Pyros, I don’t know the album- “Maybe Martians could do better than we’ve done”

16. Wandering Star, Portishead, Dummy- “Please could you stay a while to share my grief, for it’s such a lovely day”

17. Thieves in the Temple, Prince, Graffiti Bridge- “I can hang when you’re around but I’ll surely die if you’re not there”

18. Breaking The Girl, Red Hot HCili Peppers, Blood Sugar Sex Magic- “I don’t know what, when, or why. The twilight of love had arrived”

19. Game Over, Scarface, some album- “Lord please murder my enemies, burn em at a thousand degrees”

20. They’ll Need a Crane, They Might Be Giants, John Henry?- Love sees loves’ happiness but happiness can see that love is sad

21.Tear in Your Hand, Tori Amos, Little Earthquakes- “I don’t believe you’re leaving cause me and Charles Manson like the same ice cream”

22.What’s Up, 4 Non Blondes, Bigger Better Faster More- “And so I cry sometimes when I’m lying in bed just to get it all out what’s in my head”

23. Father Figure, George Michael, I don’t know what album- “But sometimes love can be mistaken for a crime”

24. Cradle Of Love, Billy Idol, Rebel Yell- “Shakes the devil when he misbehaves”

25. I Wish, Skee-lo, I don’t know what album- “And when I'm in my car I'm laid back.I got an 8-track and a spare tire in the backseat but that's flat”


CSL said...

Thanks for playing along, Natalie! "Sometimes I get sperm in my eye"? That one made me almost fall off my chair. I liked that you added your favorite lines - made it more fun to read.

Mom said...

Both the songlist and the "blow" post were great, IMO. Very fun.

thethinker said...

I loooove #10.

I, too, am reluctant to experiment with my writing. I don't really do well with essays or assigned writing topics. I should probably work on that.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Great post! It didn't BLOW. I liked it. ;)
Great songs...

Michael C said...

That post didn't blow at all!! it didn't even suck!!!! I liked the Ipod meme too. I'm glad I didn't get tagged since I have a cheap little MP3 player

With Love, Fat Girl said...

If you can write a decent anything about Blow the word, you never needed a writing class to begin with. Good times.

The Doc said...

You had me when you mentioned Violator, but you CLINCHED me when you put up "They'll Need A Crane". Holy crap, that's a good song.

Lizza said...

This post didn't blow at all! It's good to challenge yourself, but you gotta have some fun with it, too. :-)

I'm ashamed to say I know only a handful of those songs, but kudos for adding the lyrics. Some of them are so poetic. Laughed at #3.

Princess Pointful said...

I was random blog hopping and all too happy to find a reference to Skee-lo... yes!
One of my main accomplishments is being able to rap along to that song!

Natalie said...

CSL- I love to play Meme games, thanks for tagging me. I really love that line a lot, makes me laugh every time.

Mom- Thanks, you are a nice lady

Thinker- I love that song too, although I am a little embarrassed because it is all the rage with 16yr olds. No offense of course. I do very well with essays that I can choose topic on, if assigned a bad topic I struggle.

CWM- Thanks, I tried to not be a blowhard.

Michael- I think you could do the meme with any MP3 player. What is worse, to suck or to blow?

With Love- I really wouldn't mind a writing class, maybe it would get me back to my oh so silly novel that is nowhere near done

Doc- They'll Need a Crane is one of the happiest sad songs I have ever heard. I adore it.

Lizza- I like a fun challenge, it was good times. I also love a funny lyric.

Princess- I can do most of that song also, at 5ft it is rather meaningful to me. I am much better at The Humpty Dance though.

Morgen said...

Hi -- got so wrapped up in your other posts, I forgot to post a comment HERE yesterday!
This didn't BLOW!
It made me smile!
Manic Mo

Natalie said...

Mo- That's cool, I know you have love for me.

Princess Pointful said...

The weirdest thing is that I just referenced the Humpty Dance on my blog the very same day.
Do you really think that two people have thought about that song at once for at least five years?

taureandevi said...

What a great post on blow, my first thought was dirty. I am such a newbie when it comes to memes and have never been tagged but I do a random shuffle on Modern Musings. I love 8,9,14,17,18,21-24. I am loading my cds into itunes to prepare for my next shuffle. I really like how you combine music memes with your posts.

You will see more of me
Wishing you well

Danielle a.k.a. taureandevi

Anonymous said...

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