Friday, March 30, 2007


As promised last week here comes Greek Tofu Pie. If you are feeling a little lazy you can use a regular store bought pie crust instead but the spinach crust is really good and much better for you.

Spinach Crust
-Little oil for pie tin
-2 tbsp butter or canola oil
-3/4lb fresh spinach minced
-3/4tsp salt
-3/4cup unbleached white flour
-3/4cup wheat germ or fine bread crumbs
-Few gratings/dashes nutmeg

Preheat oven 375
-Melt butter/heat oil in large skillet add spinach and salt and sauté over high heat until limp stirring often
-Remove from heat add other ingredients and mix well
-Pat into oiled pie pan use fork and fingers to mold crust
-Prebake for 15min no need to cool before filling but you can if you want to

-Heat oven to 350
-1tbsp butter or canola oil
-1 cup artichoke hearts (marinated or not) chopped
-1 cup minced onion
-2 tbsp capers
-1/2 cup sun dried tomato chopped
-1/4cup kalmata olives chopped
-2tbsp lemon juice
-1/4tsp thyme
-1/4tsp sage
-1/2tsp mustard powder
-3tbsp flour
-1 egg (I use egg beaters)
-1 cup tofu blended smooth
-1/2cup feta (I use fat free)
-1/4cup minced fresh parsley

-Heat butter or oil over medium heat
-Cook onion for 5-8 minutes until soft
-Add artichoke hearts, capers, sun-dried tomato olives and lemon juice cook 3 minutes to mix flavors
-Sprinkle in flour, thyme, sage, and mustard powder stirring often and cook for approximately five minutes over medium low heat

-In a separate bowl mix egg, tofu, cheese, and parsley until smooth
-Add in vegetable mixture and mix until smooth
-Pour into pie crust
-Bake 30min and cool at least 10 before cutting

This pie is yummy and delicious. You can really put in any vegetables or cheeses that you like or change up the spices. The premise and measurements are the same no matter what you add to it. Even if the measurments change a little i htin kyou will be fine. If tofu scares you, or if you are Monica and are allergic, you can use yogurt instead. I've cooked it many times that way before. I just changed it because there was already dairy and not much protein type stuffs in the recipe.

If all goes well my blown up computer will arrive safe and sound at my home today. Thanks Daddy, you are a computer master. Not that it means I will be posting over the weekend or anything, I just don’t roll like that. I hope that I will be seeing Blades of Glory this weekend though. Skating is awesome.

Some tunes to remember me by-

1000 Oceans, Tori Amos- Wow this is depressing. Sounds like I died or something. Boo.

Caught In My Eye, The Germs- I hate it when things get caught in my eye. However, I really like sleepies in the eyes. In the morning I make sure not to rub my eyes until I look at them. Sometimes it is disappointing but every once in a while I have some major stuff going on and then I smile.

Cosmic Space Girl, Guitar Wolf- I am trying to see what people see in this band. People keep telling me it is a good band and are surprised that I don’t like them. I am still failing in seeing the goodness. Plus, I can't delete them until I get my computer back.


Danielle said...

I love Greek Spinach pie but never made it myself. I love to cook when I do cook that is. I will be printing this recipe and the eggplant and garbanzo beans for such occasion. I like tofu but have never used it like this.

Have a great weekend, girl.

dmarks said...

I don't even have to eat dinner; all I have to do is read this recipe.

Dirk_Star said...




Groovy blog! I dig it!

Travis said...

I shall pass this recipe on to my veggie friends.

Have a great weekend!

Kiyotoe said...

okay Nat, you got me on the recipe AND the songs. You have completely alienated me with this post.

But we're still cool :)

CSL said...

This sounds great - I'm copying the ingredients down for the next time I'm in the grocery store. I think my kids would eat this, and fortunately tofu does not scare them.

Natalie said...

Danielle- I've never made greek spinach pie either. Maybe I should. Tofu is one of those use for anything ingredients. It's awesome

Dmarks- That is some compliment, unless the recipe made you lose your appetite.

Dirk-I try to remain groovy.

Travis- Tofu, it isn't just for veggies anymore.

Kiyotoe- I can't please everyone but good to know we can embrace our differences.

CSL- Let me know how it turns out! I hope yummy.