Monday, March 12, 2007


Today's Manic Monday theme is click.

I need things to CLICK.

Something about clicking noises has always been a comfort to me. In particular, I love the sound of heels clicking on the ground. As a young child, I always loved to hear women walking (men click too but it isn't as satisfying). The clicking of their heels let me know that they were going somewhere, that they had something to do. A rapid click let me know that this was a woman on a mission; they had a meeting to go to or someone important to see. I always wanted to see what it was that they were doing and who it was that they were going to see. A slow, steady click let me know that the woman was relaxed. This was a person who was simply enjoying their surroundings and taking in life.

I couldn’t wait until I had shoes that clicked. I remember having some black patent leather Mary Janes that made a little noise but they weren’t really satisfying. They clicked, but I wanted them to CLICK. I didn’t think my footsteps conveyed the same oomph as that of adults. I thought the biggest problem was that I didn’t have heels. I couldn’t wait to have some of my very own. Sophomore year of high school, I had a few rather unfortunate pairs of heels. One was a pair of sketchers with a heel. Yes, I had a heeled sneaker and I didn’t see anything wrong with it (at the time). However, being a rubber heel, they didn’t do much clicking. The other was a pair of brown oxfords with a heel. I don’t have to say anything else about that. Give me a break, people always told me they were cute shoes. I didn’t know better.

I think it was Sr. Year that I really got my first pair of heels that I could be proud of. They were a pair of Steve Madden sandals that laced up the front and had a good two and a half inch heel. I thought they were super high. Those that know me will scoff at my thinking those shoes were towering but hey, I was just starting out. I loved those shoes. I loved the way they clicked through the halls and down the streets. I loved people being able to hear me coming, to know that I was on my way. I had arrived.

Over time it has become less important to me. Most of the time I wear heels is at work, and we have carpet. I don’t get to hear my clicks as often as I would like. Sometimes, when I decide to go out, I put on a pair of heels and I click down the street. Sometimes, I still get excited about it. It’s rare though, and nothing will compare to that first CLICK of my heels.

The only unguessed song from last week was number one “Just as volcanoes erupt/Sometime human beings explode in your face” It was You Are Not The Target by Impossible Shapes. I was just listening to this song this morning. It made me smile. I hate when human beings explode in your face. Sometimes you deserve it, but not usually.


CSG said...

very good post. I mean, very nice to read. Have you ever thought of writing short tales?

Kiyotoe said...

Explode in your face?? That could get messy right?

When I think of high heels "clicking", all I think about is my mom coming up the walkway when she was coming home from work. I could hear those heels all the way in my t.v. room while I watched Thundercats.

On good days it meant mom was home, and I would get a hug.

On bad days, it meant mom was home and I was in big trouble for whatever it was I had done wrong that day.

Damn clicks.....

Lexa Roséan said...

ah my best clicking shoes were my first pair of taps and then the cowbow boots with spurs. they made more of a CLANG than a click.

Lexa Roséan said...

or was it a jingle jangle?

Crazy Working Mom said...

Great post about clicking!
Thanks for dropping by.

notfearingchange said...

I hear you on the click! Although I like to listen to others click. I find my click to be annoying unless they can keep the same beat the whole way thru.

Lizza said...

Great Manic Monday post! I like the sound of clicking heels made by high-heeled shoes, maybe because I don't wear them a lot (my calves ache when I do).

Travis said...

I've visiting today from Morgen's for Manic Monday.

That's a fond memory to share, and you write very well.


Jaclyn said...


2-inch heels are child's play for you.

I never did understand how you managed to navigate sarah lawrence's hilly terrain and NOT have more busted accidents than you did.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

I love the click of heels, nothing quite like it especially when you're all dolled up and feeling fabulous, but my favourite CLICK in this world is the shutter click of my camera.

kim said...

I like the click of a good pen, but only once. I got in the elevator with the Systems guy at work. He clicked from the 11th floor until the 17th floor. I looked at him, he looked at me, and kept right on clicking.
No wonder he is single. How are you making out with your computer free home, or did you get it fixed?

Natalie said...

CSG- Short sroties, no but long ones yeah.

Kiyote- It can get real messy, no good. I loved thundercats but my mom never wore heels so I couldn't hear her coming. sneaky.

Lexa- Welcome, I always wanted tap shoes but not so much spurs.

CWM- same to you!

Not Fearing- I guess I tend to walk at a steady pace. It goes with whatever music is in my head.

Natalie said...

Lizza- I wear them too much, sometimes my calves hurt when I wear flats.

Travis- Thanks, good of you to stop by!

Jaclyn- I went down those hills with confidence and care, it was when I was wearing flats and paying no attention that I fell. I just stumble in heels.

With Love- I liked the click on my dad's old SLR, new ones arent as satisfying to me.

Kim- I click pens a lot. It only bothers me when other people do it. I'm doing ok. I am loking for a box to fit the computer in to send it to Dad.

Heather said...

What you should try is putting metal taps on your heels. They make a great clicking sound. Not the dance taps, just those half-moon shaped taps that people put on to stop their heels from running down. But don't get the black plastic ones. Ask for steel taps/plates. I put them on all my shoes and boots and love the sound they make! You can email me @ if you want more info.

Rachel W. said...

I agree.. crescent shaped metal taps on flats and broad heels rule!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Cresent shaped metal taps on flats.. even heels rule! Guys think the clicking sound they make is sexy! Any good shoe repair has them. I have them on most of my shoes.. Even my mid heel office shoes. I love to watch the Guys reactions as I click down the marble hallways!

Anonymous said...

Heather has the right idea. A woman's heels clicking is music to her ears and a man's eyes. (A man's clicking heels is just noise).
Too bad more high heels don't come with metal tips anymore. I put the small metal cleats [curved taps] on many of my dress shoes and save a ton on repair costs plus I get the pleasure of the feminine clicking sound. My second husband finally asked me out when I wore metal tip pumps and a miniskirt to the office, now 20 years later, miniskirts don't fit my big hips anymore, but the clicking of metal is still exciting for both of us. With him or without him metal clicking will always be my thing. Linda

Anonymous said...

AMEN! Steel heel taps on women's loafers; flats, or boots are forever exciting....and very practical! We need to hear more of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Natalie - Great posting. Couldn't quite tell if you were talking about noisy women's heels or having metal on your heels clicking. As a guy I find it exciting when a women wear metal and that feminine metalic sound is heard as she moves about. It shows she is concerned about protecting her shoe investment but more so aware of the image her feet give. This is like a personality thing when a women decides to change her hair color [blonde] or wear certain outfits [short or lowcut]. It is always turn on to hear her talk about girly things like her clicking heels. Thanks Linda and Heather for sharing you comments. Luv it - J

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