Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Today is the first time an ages that it has been nice outside. The high is about 69 degrees and it may even climb into the 70s. People are happy and smiling and the world seems new. This morning, I heard birds chirping and, even though it was really hard to get out of bed, I was looking forward to the day.

I put on a mid-weight dress, a shirt and some fishnets without nylons under them because I didn’t need the extra warmth. I put on my spring jacket instead of my winter one. Unlike yesterday, I didn’t put my scarf in my bag “just in case”.

On the way to work I decided to listen to Jeff Buckley, Grace. It was soothing and calm and just seemed to meld perfectly with the still slightly gray morning. People on the street were friendly and smiled, which is unusual because typically a smile on the street will generate a crazy look.

Once I got downtown, I noticed the varying degrees to which people were dressed and it made me laugh and smile. You still had a very few people in winter coats but I didn’t see any scarves, hats, or gloves. Then you had the ones like me, lightweight coats sometimes unbuttoned. You had the people in simply their suits, which to me is basically the same as a lightweight jacket. Then people started to get a little overboard, in my opinion.

I saw people in long sleeved shirts without jackets, which would be fine for noon but a little nippy at nine or five. There were people in t-shirts, which was simply uncalled for. I saw plenty of toes, and even a pair of flip flops or two. It’s not even guaranteed to reach 70, people. I even saw a few sundresses. Not sundresses with long sleeved shirts over them like mine, just plain old arms out sundresses. I understood the people biking or running who weren’t dressed warmly, they were going to work up a sweat. Those people who just decided that it is warm enough for summer are the nutbar ones. Come on people, I too am happy about the warm weather but have some sense. It’s just not that nice. At least put on a sweater over your bare shoulders.

I hope they get sick. It would serve their cold butts right. For some reason I have something against people who don’t appreciate the true nature of the weather. They are the ones who get sick and then infect the rest of us who have enough sense to dress appropriately by sitting by us on public transportation. I’ll be ready, toes out, when the time is right. I’m just not one to jump the gun. I hate stupids.

The Sphinx, Ornette Coleman- I don’t have enough jazz on my iPod. I also don’t have enough classical music. People should get me things. Oh wait; I don’t have a computer to update my iPod on currently. People should get me things later.

Taxi Theme, ??- I guess this is from a classic TV show, maybe it qualifies as classical music. Never mind, it classifies as crappy.

Try (Just a Little Bit Harder), Janis Joplin- I love this woman. She made cracked out cool. Until she died. I could never drink enough southern comfort to die but only because I drank enough to go paralyzed that one time.


Brooke said...

Ha Ha Ha! Oh, that was funny when you got paralyzed that time, and we had that melodramatic conversation about how it was ok for me to go to the party without you. And then I went home to change and woke up the next day. I have not drank SoCo since. Just the smell makes me ill.

Jaclyn said...


oh the stupids. they're out in full force here too.

last friday I taught a bunch of catholic youth about social justice, and it was sunny out, and this one girl had her catholic-school-girl-skirt on with no stockings. apparently, she doesn't fraternize with boys on a daily basis at her all-girls school, because she saw fit to open the window in the classroom and lean halfway out to yell at some of her classmates down below.

in the meantime I was prepping myself for either picking up the boys' eyeballs off the floor, or calling 911 because she decided to tumble right out.

oh the stupids.

Jaclyn said...

ps - I HATE the flip flops.

Kiyotoe said...

"I hope they get sick".....that's funny. It hit 80 degrees today in Atlanta and I know exactly what you're talking about. I know it's 80 degrees but people broke out the shorts, sandals, tank tops, etc.

Uh uh, not yet. What happens if you get caught outside after the sun goes down. 80 degrees will quickly turn to "cold as hell" if you're in a tank top.


notfearingchange said...

i wore a sweater, with a tank underneath...a winter coat and scarf. i almost threw up on the bus from the heat...i overdressed...

Michael C said...

I am guilty of getting all summery on the first nice day after Christmas every year. Of course it has been at least 90 (usually higher) since Saturday, so at least this time around I'm not the only one in shorts and sandals ;-)

terry said...

okay, i feel like i'm a thousand years old, since you don't know "taxi" and i was very much alive and aware when it was on the air... and NOT in syndication...!


as for the weather... here, when we get our 80-degree plus days (which are rare, even in summer) there are loads of people who don't believe the weather and still overdress.

this, because all too often, it's gorgeous, sunny and warm when you leave for work in the morning... and the fog takes over by 3 in the afternoon, turning the city into an icebox.

the people who really suffer are the tourists.... poor folks with blue legs...!

CSG said...

I love those in-between-seasons days. And I love to hear birds in the morning.

And I hate stupids too! Hilarious.

Monica said...

There is nothing crappy about the taxi theme. It was, and is AWESOME. Just ask Souls of Mischief. You know you love "Cabfare"

Natalie said...

Brooke- We took ourselves a little too seriously sometimes but it made us really funny.

Jaclyn- That girl knew what she was doing, those catholic school girls are notorious. Really, what is with a flip-flop?

Kiyotoe- If it had been 80 I would have felt better because that is really getting up there for Chicago. 70 is, at most, sweater weather. They looked cold going home from work for sure.

Notfearing- That was too much action, I am sorry.

Michael- Well, you eat dog food so I am not too shocked. 90s is fine for hot clothes though. Totally reasonable.

Terry- I firmly believe in layers at all times. You never know what can happen.

CSG- Don't get me wrong. I loved the weather! I just hated the stupids.

Monica- Ok you are right. I LOVE cabfare. However, without the groovin mixing and rhymes I find the Taxi theme dull.