Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Danielle nominated me for the thinking blogger award. I was a little surprised because, while I have post here and there that may stimulate thought, I trend more to the mundane. Maybe it is the true thinking posts that got me nominated rather than the silly drivel that I tend to spout. Either way, I was honored. Here is what she had to say.

Last but not least Natalie a young aspiring teacher from Chicago has reminded me of the necessity of fun in the blogosphere and life. Natalie offers her views on the planets and unfunded schools with a dose of Smokey Robinson, her views on Obama with a touch of Violent Femmes and a recipe for middle eastern eggplant and garbanzos is served up with a side of Tori Amos. I stole the random lyrics game from her and sent her a virtual box of band aids for biting her so hard. Natalie has definitely made me realize that fun is an essential ingredient in life and incorporating levity within serious discussion lightens up the scene.

The rules of this award (if you choose to play along) are that you pass it on to five people that you think deserve it. I wanted to do it a little differently, since I don't think I am a traditional “thinking blog”. I want to honor people that make me laugh. I think comedy takes a special kind of thought, particularly in writing. Not everyone can be funny. That isn’t to say that their posts don’t make me "think" as well, because they do. They just also make me laugh.

Here Comes Johnny Yen Again- Johnny Yen has mastered the art of hilarity in the face of rough conditions. He finds a way to relate the happenings of daily life to the broader human condition in a seamless way. His political posts are informative, entertaining, and never fail to make me chuckle. I always look forward to his posts

The Ramblings of a Crazy-Monica is the one that got me blogging in the first place. I was a bit intimidated by her blog due to its absolute wonderfulness. Monica is easily the funniest person I know and part of her extreme funniness is the fact that she is highly intelligent. Some of the sentences that she puts together should be inscribed on a mountain for all to see. I can’t remember any right now but they are good.

Almost Infamous- Dark Damien’s diatribes really get to me. He takes current events and comments on them in a quick witted and often dry manner that has me rolling. His dialogues between idiotic criminals are simply hilarious and make me laugh. Plus, I am partial to him because he has biracial children. Call me a jerk but I am biased to my brethren.

Memoirs of a Fat Girl- Although her humor isn’t as obvious as the others, MFG (as I like to call her even though it reminds me of Girbaud jeans) has a very honest look on the world and I think balances the tragedy and comedy of daily life very well. She is straight-forward and her posts come straight from the heart. Although she has been a little more serious than funny lately, she always makes me smile. She has a big heart and isn’t afraid to share it. She is probably the biggest technical "thinker" of my bunch.

The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile- Although Michael C certainly doesn’t need anymore smoke blown up his ass as he has a plethora of blogging awards on his sidebar already. I can’t leave him out because he makes me smile and chuckle on a daily basis. He is part of the rare breed that can be both consistently sarcastic and not boring and repetitive. He makes me think of the absurdity of daily life and informed me of the fact that yesterday was make your own holiday day. How awesome is that?

To those I have chosen: Should you choose to participate, please make sure you pass this list of rules to the blogs you are tagging. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think, Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' (see sidebar if I can get it to work) with a link to the post that you wrote

Thanks again, Danielle, I guess it is time for some celebratory random songs.

Battle of Who Could Care Less, Ben Folds- This song goes out to whichever one of my nominees cares less. Personally, I have no idea which one that is but I am guessing it could maybe me Monica. I told her last night I was going to give it to her and she was all confused and wondered why. Then I explained the whole humor concept and she was less confused but still didn’t care.

Postcards From Italy, Beirut- I am secretly really in love with the Gulag Orkerstar album but then I forget about it. That is why it remains a secret. I listened to it this morning and kept thinking that the first song would be really good ice dancing music. Someone is in withdrawal now that the Figure Skating season is over.

Route 66, Guitar Wolf- I can’t understand a word of this song so I can’t say anything about it. I need to take a few things off my iPod.


Danielle said...

Natalie you deserved the award for sure girl. I already have Johnny Yen's blog favorited but thanks for introducing Michael C. and Almost Infamous who have also been favorited under the same catergory as you and Monica "Fun".

Keep doing what you do and I will be with you.

Take Care

Dark Damian said...

That...is awfully darned nice of you, Natalie. Seriously, thank you very much. I'm honored.

I'll keep on cranking out the missives on dumb people, and you keep on reading 'em, and we'll call this thing "good".


Monica said...

Dude, one of my friends recently insisted that I listen to them and see the Japanese zombie movie "Wild Zero" to further my appreciation.

Also...thanks for the award and kind words. I have no idea who to pass it on to though.

Michael C said...

Wow. Thank you so very much!! It's funny you nominate me on a day when I'm struggling to come up with someone worth reading.
Thanks again!!!

Mom said...

Natalie, congratulations on your blog award. And congratulations to Danielle who awarded you and to those you have now awarded!

I'll have to make you some more skating DVDs so you can have something to watch now that the season is over. (Hey, you could always go watch a local competition in person...)

Danielle said...

Thank you Natalie's Mom. You are sweet but I already knew that since you created her.

thethinker said...

Your writing isn't mundane. It is thought stimulating, so it's not surprise to me that you won an award.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

I am so unbelievably honoured, I can't even begin to tell you. Words don't do it.

(As for nominating others and the award code, I will get to that in a couple of days... you're the best :))

terry said...

hey, congrats!

LOVE LOVE LOVE me some ben folds five.

"i've got this great idea
why don't we sell it to the franklin fucking mint..."


CSG said...

oh come on. you do think a lot! maybe you think about the mundane, but that's awardable also (does that word exist anyway?). Keep up with the great thinking of yours.

Natalie said...

Danielle- Thanks again, it was fun to honor people I enjoy.

DD- It was easy. I thought of who was funny and you came right to the top.

Monica- YHate is a strong word but I wouldn't choose to listen to it. It sounds like noise to me. You don't have to pass it on. Totally optional.

Michael- Your stuff is always worth reading and I am just amazed that you post daily. Very impressive to have that much good matreial.

Mom- I am so waiting for that '88 footage!!!

Thinker- Thanks, it means a lot coming from a well known thinker.

WLFG- It is totally deserved!

Terry- Thanks, that is a great lyric for sure!

CSG- Thanks a lot. That makes me feel better.

kim said...

Great Natalie, now you've done it. I live with Mr. Yen and often battle his laptop for his affections. It's going to be a lonely spring.

I do agree with your thoughts, however. Mr. Yen is funny.

CSL said...

Congratulations, and (as I'm discovering) sometimes it is what you might be thinking is mundane that grabs people most.

Johnny Yen said...

Thanks for the nod!

You richly deserved your award, Natalie. I've never found your posts to be "silly drivel" or your topics "mundane." I find your blog to be intelligent, very personal, relevent and funny.