Thursday, March 08, 2007


Sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes they are so funny that you can’t help but laugh. Yesterday at about 3:30 Tony called me at work and told me he had some very bad and somewhat sad news. I thought Mr. Snodgrass (our favorite fish) had died or something. Thankfully, nothing living was harmed.

He had been sitting at our computer and when he got up everything went POP, sparks came out of things, and a circuit was blown. Whatever could have happened? Well, here’s the story. The USB cable of our digital camera simply sits plugged into the computer. The cord was on the floor and when Tony moved it somehow fell directly into an open third prong socket on the power strip (you know, the fat prong). Part of the USB cord blew off from the power surge and the reminder is rather charred. Unfortunately, as it was plugged into the computer, the power surge appears to have fried the motherboard. Now the computer won’t even turn on.

I called my dad when I got home because he is my helpdesk. He told me that it is very likely that the hard drive is fine, which eased my pain a little bit. I’m thinking how to get things to him so he can check them out. I’m just glad Tony wasn’t hurt. He could have been electrocuted or something and that would have made yesterday an incredibly bad day for me. Instead it was just a relatively bad day. Plus, it makes for a really good story. I don’t think you could try to make that happen and succeed.

One strange thing was that I compulsively wanted to check my email last night. I usually check it once or twice at home but not that often. I guess simply because I couldn’t I was obsessed with doing it. I always found that to be something very strange about human nature. Obviously we are instinctively curious as a species, some people more than others. But we also have a tendency to want things we can’t have. Maybe that doesn’t apply to all humans, maybe it’s just me. I don’t think so. I guess it has something to do with desires of the ID as far as rebellion and mischief. Maybe I am reading too much into things. I think I really need to be back in school so I can use this excess pondering for some good.

To get back to school means I have to take some tests. Since I am pretty sure I want to teach I need to take the basic skills test required for teachers and the content area tests for the subject I want to teach. I may also have to take some classes to round out things I didn’t take in college. The bad thing about designing your own curriculum is that it isn't always the most practical. However, I also need to decide what I want to teach. My heart says English simply because I love literature so much. Seeing people get excited by written word would make me so very happy. I have also been thinking a little about Biology though. I think it would be far easier to get a job as a Biology teacher. I wouldn't have to take any additional Bacjelor's level courses. Then again, would I want to talk about mitosis all day long? I also get slightly queasy for at least ten minutes during any dissection. I love doing them but about midway through I realize that my hands are in some carcass and the smell gets to me and I need to take a break. Then I am fine and I can go play around with brains and hearts. Huh, I really don’t know. I suppose I should just take the basic skills test as a start. It seems pretty easy but the practice tests are on the computer and mine is broken. I don’t think I can justify taking them at work. Oh, the dilemmas. Honestly, it seems pretty easy and I shouldn’t have to really study but I haven’t taken a real test since the MCAT and that was like seven years ago. Whatever, it still shouldn’t be hard. The passing requirements are dismally simple, which is a little sad.

1. Just as volcanoes erupt/Sometime human beings explode in your face

2. Slip slide/ dip and take a dive/ planets looking high when we traveling on a vibe. Time and Space, Digable Planets. Identified by Ern

3. Take a look at me/ Tell me do you like what you see/ Do you think you can/ Do you think you can do me. Do Me, Bel Biv Devoe. Identified by Brooke

4. Early in the morning/ early in the morning/ I’m calling you to/ I’m calling you to/ please come home/ Yes I could make it without you if I/ Just didn’t feel so all alone. Obviously 5 Believers, Bob Dylan. Identified by Brooke.

5. Who loves the sun/ who cares that it makes plants grow/ who cares what it does/ since you broke my heart. Who Loves The Sun, Velvet Underground. Identified by Jaclyn


kim said...


I constant live in fear that one of our ridiculous amounts of surge protectors is going to burn my house down one day.

Mr. Yen got rid of a lot of cords when the girl and I moved in, but it's still not enough for my tastes. Plus, we have old electrical, and I'm just waiting for something to happen. He grew up with a dad that was compulsive about everything being unplugged when he left the house (just in case) and I think Mr. Yen is still rebelling years later.

Just be glad he wasn't electrocuted. And be happy that he didn't have a laptop where the battery blew up in his lap.

Jaclyn said...

Number 5 is "Who Loves the Sun" by the Velvet Underground, and was on the "High Fidelity" soundtrack.

I love that song. :)

Brooke said...

3. Do Me - Bell Biv Devoe

4. Obviously 5 Believers - Bob Dylan. OK, I slightly cheated. I knew the song was on Blonde on Blonde, though, so whatever.

Natalie said...

Kim- I don't mind cords, but now I will mind loose ones. I am very gad he wasn't electrocuted or blown up. That would have been bad news.

Jaclyn- I love it too, makes me smile all day long.

Brooke- I had no idea what that song was called either, it's ok.

Mom said...

I don't think that biology teachers have to do a lot of actual dissecting. The kids do more. (But I could be wrong...)

I can just imagine you telling students about the cow eye in the refrigerator...

You could get certified in both bio and English, or first one and then the other. Just a (crazy)thought. That way you get your foot in the door and once you're in, you can usually switch around without so much difficulty.

notfearingchange said...

suckie about the puter!
so sad... :(

Eve said...

That's insane! I automatically surveyed everything plugged into my computer (in my mind.) Well, here's keeping fingers crossed that you can retrieve the hard drive's data...

And going back to school. There's so much to learn!

BionicBuddha said...

School is cool...good luck! I went to teacher's college a few years ago and often wonder what my life would have been like as a teacher. I think you will be great at it.

RastaManErn said...

I am surprised that Monica hasn't answered yet... n°2 is the DPs - Time and Space

ENID P. said...

thats crazy.. I always leave my camera's usb plugged in too...Im gonna unplugge it when not in use.. crazy things could happen. Good thing you are and your b/f are okay..


Mrs. Loquacious said...

Boo about your computer, but I'm glad Tony was unharmed. I hate computer freak accidents or malfunctions; they inevitably make me cry because I feel so helpless to fix the problem and I NEED instant gratification.

So yeah, I empathize totally with wanting to check your email a hundred times that night. It's only when you lose something that you realize how much you wanted it in the first place.